It has always been a company policy at RACS, LLC to adapt to challenging conditions that often change dramatically throughout a project. Examples of this may include:

Combining existing with new drilling technologies to over come down-hole conditions.

Well completions that required cement to be thin enough to penetrate, thick enough to not be lost to holes in casing, withstand water cutting, quick setting and non-corrosive.

Large borehole video logs, de-watering a ventilation shaft, providing air to an underground mine.

Abandonment of an oil well in the middle of a river that had been welded shut.

Such projects are non-conventional and require the ability of efficient problem solving; and finding solutions before and during the process. We specialize in assembling a plan that will provide a cost effective solution to accommodate most situations in the drilling, abandonment, cementing, and work over industries.

If your project is uncommon, difficult, or has never been done before; then we are your well solution company!